The Night of the Masks

The original – presented by Xklusiv

An erotic masked ball à la Eyes Wide Shut .

True luxury orgies are not just something you see in the cinema.

Several times a year, a select circle of people get together to indulge in their passion of luxury and lust. A castle with masked gentry, ladies dressed in opulent evening wear, spruced-up maids, naked desirable maidservants, and muscular servants of love, food prepared by prizewinning chefs and accompanied by the sound of string instruments. This must have been how orgiastic revelries were celebrated in France at the time of the Sun King
Noble, erotic castle parties are not just something you see in a movie; Xklusiv has made them reality for almost two decades.

After a welcome drink and live piano music, the guests enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner, prepared by our top chefs, accompanied by corresponding wines with background music provided either by a classical string trio or a jazz ensemble.

Thereafter, you are invited to stroll around the castle. The arches and halls are full of delightful options and a number of bowers are available to our guests for all kinds of sensual delights. There you will find everything the heart desires: from large sofas for kissing and cuddling and making love to massive bondage frames, leather racks and crosses made of steel for the somewhat other desire.


ELLE headlined: Sex de Luxe “The world’s most exclusive orgy”

“EYES WIDE SHUT … true luxurious orgies … not only exist in movies”

Buy tickets now

Buy tickets now

September, 13th 2024

At a castle near Frankfurt am Main (+/- 100 km)

Limited to 60 couples

Only for couples and their entourage

At the same time, the beautifully designed bar of the castle provides just the right setting for chatting and socializing. There, our pianist entertains you with a variety of piano pieces until late into the night.

On this evening, masks must be worn until midnight. Furthermore, appropriate dress is required. Whether elegantly dressed, for example, in tails, black tie, evening wear, ball gown, or in erotic garments; extravagant fetish outfits are also very welcome. The clothing should in any case be appropriate for such a beautiful old castle and the special evening. A (velvet) cape that would also adorn a naked servant or maid, matches the mask. There is next to no limit to fantasy and our guests surprise us again and again with their breathtakingly beautiful and erotic outfits. The most important thing is that you feel good!

The Night of the Masks takes place in a stately castle approximately 90 km from Frankfurt am Main.

Our guests are attractive couples with a desire for passion. As hedonists, they wish to enjoy valuable time with their partners and they are highly appreciative of the luxury and discretion they experience with us. This is why we have a high share of loyal guests – the biggest compliment you can expect as a host. We would be pleased to include you in this group.