The Night of Passion

First-class erotic castleevents in Europe

Dive into a world full of lust and passion, a world that up until now you thought was only possible in your fantasies.

Wander through the impressive castle entrance to the forecourt illuminated by torches and become the stage director of your own sensual desires. Whether as actor or voyeur, tonight your erotic dreams will become reality. Protected by high castle walls, only the Here and Now exist within the mysterious interior of the castle.

Between high battlements and towers, a realm of sensuality reveals itself within the various wings of the cosy and elaborately renovated castle: the luxuriously furnished vaulted cellar can be reached via a wide spiral staircase. Softly lit, surrounded by massive walls, furniture made of leather and steel await games of a special kind. Or in the Renaissance Hall, enjoy the erotic games; here, in the semi-darkness, hidden behind screens, you can observe the other guests of the evening or become active yourself. It becomes even more private on the other floors: there you will find bowers decorated impressively, where one can also retire as a pair or as a foursome. Your desire decides how you want to spend the evening.


The legendary castle event presented by Xklusiv


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September, 14th 2024

At a castle near Frankfurt am Main (+/-100km)

Only for couples and their entourage

Everything is possible – nothing is a must: the many free options ensure that inexperienced, curious couples feel at home here. Begin the evening slowly and take a look at what the evening has to hold. This way, a couple where maybe one partner is rather undecided but is interested, may become delighted guests who keep coming back.

In the elegant and modern lounge bar, our bar team fulfils almost every wish. This is also the ideal setting for establishing contact to other guests and making new friends, and who knows where the evening will end …

Culinary delights are of course also provided. A buffet with many delicacies freshly prepared by the castle kitchen ensures you are strengthened for a long night.

Fantasies become reality during this night and since 1998, we as host have provided with love and passion for a suitable, opulent setting. Sold-out events and loyal guests are proof of this time and time again. The Night of Passion is and will remain one of the most beautiful and exclusive erotic parties in the world.

Although the castle is huge, the guest list is limited to 180 couples. Erotic always has something to do with intimacy which is why we make sure that you have enough room to enjoy the liberties of the night. Our guests come from all parts of the world meaning besides German, a lot of English, Italian and French is to be heard, and it is not uncommon to meet guests from far off California, Australia and Japan who have travelled specially for our party. The guests are certainly also one the mysteries of this event series because their imaginative wardrobe, their charisma and their joy of life contribute to the mood of the evening, creating a tingling atmosphere. Every age class is represented, but the average age lies at beginning/mid-30s. The attractiveness of the guests is very high, although there is no pre-selection and no-one has to apply to be admitted. We address everyone who has a passion for a sensual event like this in a historical setting. The majority of our guests are likeable, stylish and attach great importance to partying in an appropriate atmosphere.

At the Night of Passion, our security personnel ensure our guests enjoy full discretion. The location of the castle is kept secret from outsiders; guests sign a secrecy agreement and a search is made for hidden cameras and recording equipment that are, of course, not permitted on this evening. Nothing that takes place on this evening leaves the castle walls. This is why, over all the years, we have the pleasure of welcoming back many regular guests, often professionally very successful and/or celebrities.