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Berlin’s Pervy Party and Fair

Fancy a spring weekend of rudery in Berlin? Of course you do

Berlin is loverly in May and perfect for a Spring weekend of pervery and sightseeing.

The German Fetish Fair was in a cool industrial building, with nearby riverside restaurants. There were stands from several companies you won’t have seen and a fashion show from Black Style.

In the evening was easily the best fetish dinner I’ve seen, with lavish food, a patio by the street, cabaret from Lucifire, Esme, Lydia Morgan and Emily Marilyn, then dancing and SM play until late.

Next day, almost a thousand visitors packed German Fetish Ball, at Matrix, in a series of large railway arches underneath Warschauer Platz. Shows included Lucifire, Bodycult, Emily Marilyn, HW Design, ToMtO Korsetts and Torture Garden Clothing.

Look for next year’s event on May 14th-15th. We’ll be there.